Wednesday, 1 July 2015

What makes Super Cars Super?

Most of us must have grown up with posters of supercars on the wall. To be truthful, we even dream of owning a garage full with outstanding cars that we drive hard and fast. But all that happens in an ideal world and our world isn’t that perfect. Most of us here won’t even get the chance to drive a supercar, forget about owning a garage. As a matter of fact, for most these cars cost much more than they make in their entire lives. However, it’s not all that bad. With hard work and fate some people do buy a supercar. However, in reality, even after owning such car, nobody drive at 250kph neither do roads allow to drive at that speed, but still people are crazy about these cars. So, the real question that arises here is why these cars are so expensive and what are the factors that make a car supercar? But before we get into this, first let’s start with what are supercars.

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